Logo Draft

For my logo, as i stated in the sketch, I am combining the nickname given to big riders with a human body. So I just like a reverse Centaur is the idea. I really enjoy the idea of this and it is something I have been thinking of during my rides lately. During intervals a person of my size has to think of literally anything except riding and this kept popping into my head.

This is my take on what a “clydesdale” looks like in a sprint to the finish. I have extended the neck of the horse to almost look a little gross because I want to portray how badly a “clydesdale” wants to win and how they will stretch their neck as long as possible in order to do so. I also made the eye of the rider a sort of crimson because I thought it looked nice.

The image is mostly black, which I believe will help the image scale to size. I have been thinking about making the horse head white with black design inside to add more…. depth? But For the draft I just went with black.

To create this design, I used traced an image of my legs, body and arms that was taken of me while riding and then shrunk the calves and arms. I was attempting to make the torso and thighs much larger without looking cartoonish.

For the head I traced a a horse head from 123freevectors.com (See link in the bottom).

As for the bike, I made that piece by piece with Adobe illustrator. I used the rectangle tool, the pen tool, and the shaper tool. I also played with the polygon tool.



Sites used for inspiration




Horse head copied from:

Running Horse Silhouette Vector Image

4 thoughts on “Logo Draft

  1. Wow. Okay. This is absolutely amazing and I love it. Like absolutely amazing. I do not even know how to critique it. Maybe make the horses eye more red or bigger so it can be seen better and if you have a slogan place you could subtlety place it inside the circle. I really like the all black color and the definition you gave on the legs. It looks like this took a lot of time and effort (at least it would have taken me a lot of time and effort) so fantastic job.


  2. After reviewing the logos of the other members of my group I feel like I need to add more color to my logo. Most of the other logos used a lot of color and I think that they looked really great. I was going for a darker look to my logo but maybe I could add in some lighter colors in the title of the logo to add some depth.
    Also, I think that I should find a place for the title of the blog somewhere in the logo. The logos that had a title in them looked really cool.
    I think that the arms are missing some definition to make them seem a little more real so that is something that I will be editing in.


  3. Hi Hank. This is amazing logo. The first time I saw this logo I felt that this logo is a real professional logo. It is full of information and clear. I think that the color (black) is wonderful, but maybe add a little bit color or a circle around it. I like you putting the horse and cycle together, but I think you can make the eye of the horse bigger or just remove the eye. Overall, this is an amazing creation, and I am looking forward to see the final logo.


  4. I like your design of the horse. This design is not clear about the full meaning and your intention of this picture. I think you should make the text inside of your horse or you can add title on your text, like “horse” or “Sprint.” The other thing I would suggest for you is about the color coordination, which you use for your project. I would suggest you should use more colorful color in order to distinguish your horse and the bicycle. You put kind of dull colors such as black and white; why not put some brighter colors? I believe your horse would look more cheerful and meaningful if you put some different kinds of colors. The picture’s composition is excellent, but the color scheme is odd. There is one specific area your design is already strong is your idea of creativity. You have the creative ability to create the horse picture. This is great that you want to make your horse looks as if it was a real horse. Your horse is a delicate figure. I admire your design.


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