Final Logo Draft

For revisions of my draft, I decided to go with the coloring of the logo. After the peer review discussions, it seemed best to change the color of the horses head from black to white.

I really didn’t want to go too far away from my original idea because I felt that the logo was what I wanted. I changed the color of the eye to make it stand out more. and then added some details that I thought were missing to make the image feel little more complete.

I messed around all week with text over the too or under the logo and decided that it just wasn’t something I wanted in the log right now, maybe something that could be added on a later date.

I struggled with a color scheme. Black create very powerful logos, in my opinion, and are just generally appealing visual. I tried to add red and yellow throughout the jersey but it just never looked good to me. So I just kept the color black and white.



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