Audition Rough Draft

For my Audition rough draft, I was kind of making a PSA on sharing the road with cyclist. I was hoping to bring some humor to a very scary and real danger associated with cycling. Close passes are very dangers for both cyclists and communters.

I was hoping to get a lot of sounds that are normal for cycling but I had a hard time recording vehicles passing by me while riding my bike in a safe manner, so I couldn’t get that sounds yet. I guess I will have to settle for standing on a street corner and getting the sound that way…

I used some video PSAs for inspiration that I ahd found on youtube, like this one in the following link. and

As for the humor, I tried to bring in a very GCN (Global Cycling Network) vibe, which can be seen here, in this video.

I created this draft by recording sounds from different segments of a bike ride, once while climbing a little bit and the other at the top, which I am shifting furiously to prepare for the descent.

After that, I recorded the voice over in four sections. I did this so that I wouldn’t have to breathe into the mic I was using. Then I combined the two ambient noise tracks and the 4 voice over tracks and created this PSA.

Please, check it out and let me know what you think!


5 thoughts on “Audition Rough Draft

  1. Let me start off by saying I thought that your audio project was super unique and I enjoyed the story you were telling. With a few adjustments, I think your project could be spectacular. My first critique would be about the background noise of the bike pedaling. I think that is a great idea, but ultimately the wind in the background makes it a little too distracting. If you could somehow capture the noise of the pedaling bike without the wind, that would be ideal. My next critique would be about the clearness of your voice. The microphone sounds like it may be muffling your voice. A solution to this would be to move the microphone a little bit farther from your mouth to get a more clear sound. I think the strongest part of your audio story would be your narration. The story you tell is clear, and interesting. Overall, I really enjoyed your project and with a small amount of revision I think it could be great. Good luck on the rest of your project and I am excited to see how it turns out!


  2. Hi Henry, I really enjoyed listening to your audio rough draft. I think your goal of making it a PSA on sharing the road with a cyclsit was very effectively executed. A suggestion I have is to lessen the amount of wind sounds because sometimes it overpowers your voice. Or another suggestion is you can also lower the volume of the ambient sounds a little more. I do think that what made your audio powerful was the ambient sounds of riding a bicycle, it felt like I was riding beside you. Great job, I can’t wait to hear your final audio.
    Best of luck,


  3. Hi, this is really good and it’s cool how it high lights a real issue. I really like the way you started it with the sound of someone picking up the bike and riding it so that it sets the picture and tone for the rest of the story. As a suggestion for improvement, you could maybe add another voice to the recording for a little more variety to your overall audio project. Another suggestion is maybe defining the terminology of PSI, since your audience is both commuters and bikers. It sounded like a commercial the way you ended it so that could be a potential focus for making it sound more like one in the beginning to balance it out. Also since you talked about commuters you should maybe add the sounds of cars as well. I could really picture this narrative happening in my head, which means you a good job with description and visual, overall it sounds great and can be even better with minor improvements.


  4. Henry,

    I found your PSA very clever and funny. Your voice is very strong throughout the entire story which I can appreciate. One idea that I think might make it even more humorous would be to add a car horn noise in the background. I also would try to eliminate the wind sound, it makes it a little more difficult to understand what you are saying without being distracted. Overall, I think you have a good start on your audio story!

    Good luck,


  5. After reading everybody’s suggestions and listening to their audio projects I have seen the error in my ways. Once I listened to my audio recording it sounded very muffled and the single voice sounded very monotonous, so I will attempt to interview someone else on the dangers of cycling.
    I also really liked the idea that most of my reviewers had to add in a car noise or something similar in the background since that is the main focus of the “PSA,” it would bring a little humor to the article, which was a goal of mine.

    Thank you all for your suggestions!


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