Premiere rough draft

The following video is my rough draft for premeire.

I took a video of myself explaining what the video is about, packing for a longer bike ride.

After I took the video, I took still-frames of the images that I was going to use to show progression. So I started with one item on a table then took a picture. THen I added a second item, and took a picture. And continued that until all the necessary items were on the table.

Once I had those in place, I recorded an audio clip of me explaining what the items required for this project were and then matched the still frame pictures to the clips.

I have yet to add music to the background and titles. I am trying ot learn how to use this program to add really cool titles and effects by combining this with photoshop and illustrator.

Here is a video from my rough draft

2 thoughts on “Premiere rough draft

  1. I think your video does not include many transitions and editing techniques. Your editing is too simple. I would suggest you should use more editing skills, which were introduced from tutorial lessons. You mentioned you have yet to add music to the background and titles. I also agree that you can put some music for your background in order to fit your title. Also, your explaination process is too short and lacks details. I would suggest you can focus more on your introduction and inspiration on your topic so that you can make a concise and clear explaination. I want to hear more about why you chose this topic and why this topic is very important for you. I would like to know how you edited your video. One thing that was a good point about your video is you took a video of yourself and explained how the video focuses on how you packed for a longer ride. Your video was very clear what you were trying to say and your voice was very clear to listen.


  2. I think that I can improve my video by adding a title and a transitions between shots.
    I am also missing a large amount of the video I was hoping to incorporate because the video that I shot did not turn out as well as I hoped.
    Shooting more video now will be slightly more difficult do to the snow, but I will make it work!

    I need to add in a shot explaining how to get all the equipment packed into a nice and neat bundle for easy packing on a bicycle or in a jersey pocket.
    I have also been making some music for the background and will add that into the video.
    I am using the garage band software and it seems to have come out okay.
    the cnages will definately be for the better.
    I will also reshoot the introduction to make my explaination more clear.
    Thank you.


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