Premiere Final

There are two purposes to this blog: the first being to help other cyclists improve their cycling experience by passing on the knowledge I have gained throughout my cycling “Career, and second to hopefully give insight to the struggles a heavier rider can go through when beginning cycling or at any time during their cycling experience.

This video is a culmanation of expert advice I have picked up from more experienced riders and research I have conducted in trying to learn more about being a self-sufficient rider. I am not a professional rider who can have what I want with the “snap of a finger” from the team car during a race or during a long training session. As an amateur I must prepare for any possible event that may happen while out on a training ride as most of my riders take me anywhere from 15-50 miles from my starting point. Because I have done this research, I think I have much insight to give to most riders.

In order to convey this information, I thought creating a step by step tutorial using a mix of still frames and video would be the best way to present the information and to get my point across. I had to record the audio over a lot of the video, which required timing the images properly.

Also adding the cuts and transitions were important because they allowed for me to bounce back and forth between the stills and the videos. Some of the challenges that I faced while creating this video were keeping track of key markers and keeping the timing of the audio on point with the images.

Using still frames was also difficult because i wanted the “pop” of the hard transfer between them because it looks really nice. However, this assignment asks us to use transitions, which makes the still frame segments look terrible. I used transitions else where to save, what I think is, the most important part of the video and keeping transitions out of the still frame sections.

Another difficulty I encountered was creating a title. I was determined to use my Illustrator image in the title and worked very hard in trying to do so.

At first, I thought that beatboxing to the video was a great idea and would sound really cool. However, it was difficult to do so because of how my mic set up was and because keeping the beatboxing sounding clean was difficult due to background noise. SO instead, I used two sample beats my Friend and I made on garage band.

I hope this video helps all those who watch it and will encourage more people to get out and explore more scenary on their bikes! Once you see this video you will have the proper knowledge and equipment to deal with most difficulties a long ride presents.

Without Further Ado:


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