Reflection Blog

The bittersweey end of the semester is upon us, bringing those feelings of eleation and disappointment. The bitterness of the semester coming to a close and taking us away from our new friends the TAs and the sweet feeling of no more tutorials.

This semester has been exiciting and filled with ups and downs.Looking back, I think that I enjoyed the photoshop section of this class the most. I don’t know if it was the school computers’ Adobe Photoshop version not matching the tutorials giving the students a chance to get creative in trying to complete the assignment or just the time spent making sure that I was editing the proper layer but it seemed that photoshop was going to be the most beneficial part of this class.

This class has taught a lot of valuable information and you really get out what you put in. I think that besides teaching a student skills using Adobe Products, this class teaches a lot of patience and resourcefulness. The Tutorials were….. Death. It was hours and hours of time, usually, spent trying to get it just right only to get a 27/30. It also teaches you that sometimes you have to just do it your own way because the Fill button isn’t on your photoshop screen and your TA says “Youtube it…” I think that these skills will carry with us for the rest of our academic careers.

Speaking of using these skills… I have been doing a Marketing Plan for the Spokane Indians and have called on my photoshop skills multiple times for Presentation images and for making changes to a website. It was a bit of a shock to really put these skills to use in the “Real World” but having the skills necessary to complete the task felt amazing. I hope to continue using these skills whether for just a laugh or in creating a marketing plan for future employers.

Future plans for me include: adding a Master’s Degree to my Juris Doctorate, continuing to teach, hopefully finding a job outside of school, and riding my bike – a lot. While the list of tasks may look daunting, all four of the objects are related. I will continue teaching classes as a teaching assistant for as long as I am working on my Master’s Degree – so long as I never have to take another undergraduate course again. There are a few prospects for employment who have shown a lot of interest in a J.D., M.A. with my areas of focus- so long as I keep my grades up- which is somewhat comforting because finding a job is a very scary thing to do. Lastly, none of this would be possible (Teaching 2 different classes while taking both graduate and undergraduate courseloads and looking for employment) if I didn’t have the escape of going out and riding my bike up really big hills and seeing a new part of the Palouse area in a different light or from a different perspective. Seeing this region on two wheels really adds to the true beauty of the natural landscape and makes the winters seem a little less harsh.


Premiere Final

There are two purposes to this blog: the first being to help other cyclists improve their cycling experience by passing on the knowledge I have gained throughout my cycling “Career, and second to hopefully give insight to the struggles a heavier rider can go through when beginning cycling or at any time during their cycling experience.

This video is a culmanation of expert advice I have picked up from more experienced riders and research I have conducted in trying to learn more about being a self-sufficient rider. I am not a professional rider who can have what I want with the “snap of a finger” from the team car during a race or during a long training session. As an amateur I must prepare for any possible event that may happen while out on a training ride as most of my riders take me anywhere from 15-50 miles from my starting point. Because I have done this research, I think I have much insight to give to most riders.

In order to convey this information, I thought creating a step by step tutorial using a mix of still frames and video would be the best way to present the information and to get my point across. I had to record the audio over a lot of the video, which required timing the images properly.

Also adding the cuts and transitions were important because they allowed for me to bounce back and forth between the stills and the videos. Some of the challenges that I faced while creating this video were keeping track of key markers and keeping the timing of the audio on point with the images.

Using still frames was also difficult because i wanted the “pop” of the hard transfer between them because it looks really nice. However, this assignment asks us to use transitions, which makes the still frame segments look terrible. I used transitions else where to save, what I think is, the most important part of the video and keeping transitions out of the still frame sections.

Another difficulty I encountered was creating a title. I was determined to use my Illustrator image in the title and worked very hard in trying to do so.

At first, I thought that beatboxing to the video was a great idea and would sound really cool. However, it was difficult to do so because of how my mic set up was and because keeping the beatboxing sounding clean was difficult due to background noise. SO instead, I used two sample beats my Friend and I made on garage band.

I hope this video helps all those who watch it and will encourage more people to get out and explore more scenary on their bikes! Once you see this video you will have the proper knowledge and equipment to deal with most difficulties a long ride presents.

Without Further Ado:


Premiere rough draft

The following video is my rough draft for premeire.

I took a video of myself explaining what the video is about, packing for a longer bike ride.

After I took the video, I took still-frames of the images that I was going to use to show progression. So I started with one item on a table then took a picture. THen I added a second item, and took a picture. And continued that until all the necessary items were on the table.

Once I had those in place, I recorded an audio clip of me explaining what the items required for this project were and then matched the still frame pictures to the clips.

I have yet to add music to the background and titles. I am trying ot learn how to use this program to add really cool titles and effects by combining this with photoshop and illustrator.

Here is a video from my rough draft

Raw footage and Story Board

Storyboard Com210

Opening title: Clydesdale Productions 0:00 – 0:05

  • Phase in my logo from earlier in this semester and then use a “slam” effect for the “Clydesdale Productions” text. Maybe add in some voice effect like “Boom baby!”


Next introduce the purpose of my video 0:05-0:30

  • I will be sitting on a couch, speaking directly to the camera
    • When you first begin cycling, most people are surprised at the amount of equipment required to go on a longer bike ride. A longer bike ride for most people, is a ride that either 1) takes you more than 15 miles from your home or starting point, or 2) a ride longer than 25 miles in total.
    • Most people who start cycling see the riders like Niaro Quintana or Alberto Contador on the Tour de France riding with half filled water bottles and empty jersey pockets. What they fail to realize is these riders are always followed by a team car, even during training riders, that is packing all of the food and equipment for any situation that would arise during the ride.
    • Us mortals are not so blessed and must prepare for each ride to be self-sufficient.
    • This is how I, the Clydesdale, recommend you pack for a longer ride.

Next I will introduce the equipment needed and do a fancy bit of picturing?

I will have an empty table in front of me and as I list off the items that are needed for the ride I will put them on the table, take a still frame, name it in the voice over, and repeat for each thing required. 0:30-0:45

  • 2 Water bottles
  • a 1 gallon plastic bag
  • a ziplock bag (sandwich size).
  • Tire levers
  • Spare tube(s)
  • Patches
  • A pump
  • Energy bars or gels
  • Your cellphone
  • Waterproof case
  • Your ID
  • Cash
  • Sunscreen depending on the weather or season
  • And a way to carry all of this.


Cut to a video of me trying to force all the equipment into my cycling jersey. It will be a fastfowarded video of me doing this with a voice over 0:50-1:10

  • How can we get all of this into our pockets for a ride, you ask?
  • Well, in short, we are not. If you tried this you would not only look ridiculous, but you would probably lose a lot of the gear as soon as you started pedaling.
  • So, how can we do such a thing?


First, I will start with a quick video of storing the cash, Id, and cellphone together, by putting the cash and the id in the back of the case. This will have a voice over describing why these items are needed and showing how neat it looks. 1:10-1:35ish

  • This will be an overhead view of my hands working with the phone and the items.


Next will be a quick video of me sitting down and storing the tube, patches and tire levers, into the big plastic bag. This will be a front facing video and I will be talking directly to the camera about why these items are important. 1:35ish – 2:10


Next frame will be me of me on my bike, with the equipment listed stored neatly and then riding off. Maybe doing something funny like wrecking or not being able to clip in with a voice over of me complaining.. 2:10-2:30.

Audition Final Draft

For my Audition Final Draft, I made a PSA on sharing the road with cyclists. I was hoping to bring some humor to a very scary and real danger associated with cycling. Close passes are very dangers for both cyclists and commuters.

After reading the feedback from my group, I went out and recorded some real sounds from the cycling world, and tried to edit them into the PSA. I also added some new voices from friends to bring a bring to the monotony of my voice and to add a little cuteness!

This was more difficult than using my own voice because I was working with so many new layers and I had to try and edit the voices to all come in at the same level. This was really worth it though because it added not only depth and a vocal break for me, but it makes the PSA hit a little closer to home because of the voices I used.

I think that the new version of the PSA is much better than the draft and hope that you enjoy it!

The following is the soundcloud link to my final draft!



Audition Rough Draft

For my Audition rough draft, I was kind of making a PSA on sharing the road with cyclist. I was hoping to bring some humor to a very scary and real danger associated with cycling. Close passes are very dangers for both cyclists and communters.

I was hoping to get a lot of sounds that are normal for cycling but I had a hard time recording vehicles passing by me while riding my bike in a safe manner, so I couldn’t get that sounds yet. I guess I will have to settle for standing on a street corner and getting the sound that way…

I used some video PSAs for inspiration that I ahd found on youtube, like this one in the following link. and

As for the humor, I tried to bring in a very GCN (Global Cycling Network) vibe, which can be seen here, in this video.

I created this draft by recording sounds from different segments of a bike ride, once while climbing a little bit and the other at the top, which I am shifting furiously to prepare for the descent.

After that, I recorded the voice over in four sections. I did this so that I wouldn’t have to breathe into the mic I was using. Then I combined the two ambient noise tracks and the 4 voice over tracks and created this PSA.

Please, check it out and let me know what you think!


Final Logo Draft

For revisions of my draft, I decided to go with the coloring of the logo. After the peer review discussions, it seemed best to change the color of the horses head from black to white.

I really didn’t want to go too far away from my original idea because I felt that the logo was what I wanted. I changed the color of the eye to make it stand out more. and then added some details that I thought were missing to make the image feel little more complete.

I messed around all week with text over the too or under the logo and decided that it just wasn’t something I wanted in the log right now, maybe something that could be added on a later date.

I struggled with a color scheme. Black create very powerful logos, in my opinion, and are just generally appealing visual. I tried to add red and yellow throughout the jersey but it just never looked good to me. So I just kept the color black and white.



Logo Draft

For my logo, as i stated in the sketch, I am combining the nickname given to big riders with a human body. So I just like a reverse Centaur is the idea. I really enjoy the idea of this and it is something I have been thinking of during my rides lately. During intervals a person of my size has to think of literally anything except riding and this kept popping into my head.

This is my take on what a “clydesdale” looks like in a sprint to the finish. I have extended the neck of the horse to almost look a little gross because I want to portray how badly a “clydesdale” wants to win and how they will stretch their neck as long as possible in order to do so. I also made the eye of the rider a sort of crimson because I thought it looked nice.

The image is mostly black, which I believe will help the image scale to size. I have been thinking about making the horse head white with black design inside to add more…. depth? But For the draft I just went with black.

To create this design, I used traced an image of my legs, body and arms that was taken of me while riding and then shrunk the calves and arms. I was attempting to make the torso and thighs much larger without looking cartoonish.

For the head I traced a a horse head from (See link in the bottom).

As for the bike, I made that piece by piece with Adobe illustrator. I used the rectangle tool, the pen tool, and the shaper tool. I also played with the polygon tool.



Sites used for inspiration

Horse head copied from:

Running Horse Silhouette Vector Image